Government Spokesperson, Dr. Isaac Mwaura Weekly Press Conference on the State of the Nation

23rd May 2024

This morning, the Government Spokesman, Dr. Isaac Mwaura, addressed the weekly press conference on the state of the nation from the Pyrethrum Processing Company of Kenya offices in Nakuru County, focusing on matters of national importance and providing a status update on national government projects and initiatives in the county.

One key highlight was H.E. President William Ruto’s state visit to the USA, which is set to bolster bilateral relations and unlock new opportunities in trade, education, health, and digital innovation. Notably, the KES22.8 billion investment plan with Coca-Cola is set to create 3000 jobs for Kenyans, and a $1 billion digital investment by Microsoft and G42 will enhance digital infrastructure and skills training.

Dr. Mwaura also discussed the Finance Bill 2024, aimed at stimulating growth and investment. He encourages all Kenyans to engage with the bill and share their feedback to ensure it reflects the collective interests of the people.

In its commitment to environmental conservation, Dr. Mwaura proudly reported that the government is on track to achieve 30% tree cover by 2032. The recent National Tree Growing Day saw the planting of over 14 million trees nationwide, demonstrating the country's dedication to combating climate change.

In Nakuru County, significant progress is being made across various sectors. The revival of the Itare Dam project, the Jitume Program providing digital skills to the youth, and reforms in the pyrethrum value chain are just a few examples of how the government of President William Ruto is working to transform lives and boost the local economy.

Lastly, Dr. Mwaura issued a weather alert for Lamu County due to the impending cyclone, urging residents to take necessary precautions.