Government Spokesperson Daily Press Briefing on the Floods Situation

13th May 2024

Daily Press Briefing today at Nyayo House on the Floods Situation in Kenya and the government interventions so far.

The government urges Kenyans to avoid mudslide prone areas especially in Central kenya, and Narok Counties. Sand harvesting has been banned in Kerio Valley due to the risky situation in the area.

Most Rainfall that is affecting the Tana Delta is coming from Central Kenya.

More rains is expected in the 32 counties within the Lake Victoria Basin and later on in the coastal region as from the 20th of this month.

44 primary schools and 27 Secondary Schools are yet to open due the floods, with majority being in Nyeri County. Regrettably, 277 people have lost their lives so far. The government sends its most sincere condolences. Parents kindly take care of your children not to go playing in flooded areas.